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Duck Punting

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DUCK PUNTING - Introducing a great new sport!! The fast and fun alternative to golf, DUCK PUNTING.

Designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch's touch-screen capability. Use your skills and intuition of buoyancy and momentum to bob your duck from the water, up and on to sky platforms - against the clock - whilst avoiding a colourful array of animal based hazards and challenges.

Take control of a down-and-out duck and punt your way from your home town pond into the Professional DUCK PUNTING tour. Simple and addictive fun!

  • Great intuitive touch screen drag-and-release gameplay and game physics.

  • Eight unique 12-round tournaments to play and unlock.

  • 96 challenging rounds to punt through.

  • Colourful cartoon graphics and satisfying animation as you Punt that duck.

  • Practise in the Pond tutorial, then enter the Greenhills Pro-AM to qualify for the Pro-Tour.

  • Finish top 3 to earn points - and unlock the next tournament.

  • Green Hills, Duckworth Open, Pebble beach, Pelican Gulf - visit the Penguins of the Iceburger, treasure chest Monte Cristo Cove... and complete all to be invited to the Masters at Duck Springs.

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