Who are Bird in Sky?

Matt Griffiths and Mic Newsam, two guys from North Wales who like to talk about making games; occasionally make them and mostly talk about favourite quotes.

We're about to finish our first iPod game, Duck Punting... and if you don't like it, well, fair enough, at least you gave it a go.

What are these games you talk of?

Imagine time as t. Good. Keep up. Now imagine ideas for games as i. Now imagine a formula using those two that makes pertinent sense to the heading. Excellent. email it to us.

Over our time together, we've developed many a game. 3030 Deathwar, Thrust, Worm Game (featuring Mic doing a Dougal from Father Ted), Virus Game, our respective third year projects, Megaball, Subwar.... well, there are a lot. If we have enough time we may make them available to download here.

Future Projects

Well, we're currently working on Duck Punting. After that we have (literally) 50 game ideas to use. We've also got a few dream games on the back burner, a game involving a monk and a game based on chess that's extremely difficult to win when you're playing against Mic.

Our History

Matt and Mic are born (coincidence?)
Duck Punting is released.
Time travel is invented.
Duck Punting Deluxe is released.
Time travel is abolished. All previous time travel effects are corrected. Therefore, time travel never happened. And if it didn't happen, then why am I writing about it? Ahhhhhh